We begin the evening with a meditation, moving into a full-body warm up (Awakening) or white light meditation (Freedom). Then we dance our way through the chakras, pour our experiences into a mandala artwork and finish with feedback and a final meditation. 
After discovering the healing powers and potential of tantric dance in England in 2014 Paisley decided that she wanted to share this healing modality widely. 

In 2016 she discovered and participated in the Chakra Dance Facilitators course. In March of 2017 she participated in the world facilitators retreat in Melbourne and has returned with the new Freedom Cycle to share. 

You are invited to join in a combination of Jungian psychology and deep soul healing through movement, meditation and art. 

It is recommended that you attend an Awakening or Freedom Introduction class or a 7-Keys class before participating in the 9-week cycle. 

Spaces limited and booking is required. 

Private cycles available upon request.

For more information on ChakraDance, what it is and its benefits please click the link below to their website