Customer Testimonials

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  1. Paisley is an incredibly beautiful and intuitive facilitator of both yoga and Chakra Dance. Her passion, her presence and her loving nature, and her excitement and inspiration to serve others really shines in everything she does. We've just completed the Heart Chakra week in the 9 week Chakra Dance workshop, and it came at perfect timing. Paisley holds such loving, safe and sacred space and it was so therapeutic to let go of pain and self judgement through movement and dance, and allow my heart to remain open and loving, towards myself and others, despite the day leading up to our Heart Chakra Dance being quite challenging for me regarding a particular close relationship of mine. The yoga classes Paisley facilitates are a perfect balance of being challenging enough to keep me interested but not too hard to scare me off, and the meditation aspects and breath work and her attention to correct posture is exactly what I am after in a yoga class. So in a nutshell, I highly, highly recommend Paisley, and am so grateful for her classes, which have become an integral part of my weekly self care.
    Erica 27/3/17
  2. As our 9 weeks of Chakra Dancing draws to a close, I am so grateful and humbled by the experience. While listening to sounds that move you through each Chakra, Paisley guides you through with her graceful tone, reminding you to breathe and the powerful movement each Chakra exudes. As you begin to breathe slowly and focus, your own movements take over and you become lost in the music, rhythm, melody, or even the silence. Having previously suffered from many injuries, I have not felt comfortable to return to sports or group classes as I always feel I would be of hindrance and not gain much from the class. Paisley allows you to express physical and emotional strains in a safe place and knowing that I was able to become more comfortable in movements I would normally struggle with. By freely being able to choose my own movements while Paisley was reminding me to breathe into the areas of discomfort, my body has become more flexible and my mind is more trusting of my body. It doesn't matter what age, size or skill level you have in this class. We are all different and Paisley allows you to express exactly who you are in this class.
    Tahnee 10/4/17