Having travelled the world experiencing a variety of yoga classes and teachers, I've noticed that there are a lack of spaces which support the needs of those with anxiety, mobility restrictions and so on.

This is why I offer the following: 
Classes available:
  • In your home:
    Private one-on-one 
    BYO friends (you and up to four friends)
  • In your workplace
  • In your school (ages 14+) Click here for <14's
  • Private retreats

Choose from:
  • Casual
    - one-off
    - week-by-week
  • - bi-weekly
  • Eight week structured beginner course

Focus on:
  • Meditation
  • Breathing
  • Energising
  • Self Care
  • Authentic Body Movement
  • Relaxation

There are no scheduled classes at this time, please get in touch to book private classes. 

Mats and other equipment are supplied, however, please feel free to bring your own. 

Filtered water is available. 

Booking is recommended. 

Private classes are available at the studio and at your workplace/home. Please contact for bookings.